Audio Samples, etc.
Peter Gena

 Vaccinum à 5 (2020-21): SARS-coronavirus 2 (spike protein), Region I for two pianos  excerpt

Music and sound for Passages (2007), interactive permanent installation. Documentation & video + excerpt

Immunoglobulin (2005, revised '06), interactive installation. Mixer screen & excerpt

Testosterone/Progesterone (2000), digitally synthesized DNA sequences.“Score” & excerpt

DNA Music for Genesis (1999), real-time. CD cover & excerpts

Elastin (1999), digitally synthesized DNA sequence. “Score” & excerpt

Red Blood Cells (1995), digitally synthesized DNA sequences.“Score” & excerpt

Elegy for MF (1989), extended digital realization of Part I of For Morton Feldman. complete

Stabiles (1976), Iris Gerber, pianist on Live at Alte Schmeide Wien 2, Edition bianchi-neri CD #16.

LOGOS I (1974), 4-channel dyadic brain-wave music. complete
EGERYA (1972), computer-synthesized realization of a Rya rug pattern. EGERYA score (rya rug) score & excerpt

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