Audio Samples, etc.
Peter Gena

**DNA Music YouTube Channel**

Vaccinum: Covid-19 spike protein (2021). Samples and description

Vaccinum, Region V (2021) for piano solo performed live by Joseph Kubera at Roulette (NYC), 11/18/2021. Here (FF to 1:13).

Vaccinum, Region V (2021) for string orchestra. complete

Music and sound for Passages (2007), interactive permanent installation. Documentation & video + excerpt

Immunoglobulin (2005, revised '06), interactive installation. Mixer screen & excerpt

Dihydrotestosterone (2000), digitally synthesized DNA sequences.“Score” & excerpt

DNA Music for Genesis (1999), real-time. CD cover & excerpts

Elastin (1999), digitally synthesized DNA sequence. “Score” & excerpt

Red Blood Cells (1995), digitally synthesized DNA sequences.“Score” & excerpt

Elegy for MF (1989), extended digital realization of Part I of For Morton Feldman. complete

Unchained Melodies (1974, rev. 1981) for piano solo peformed live by Peter Gena complete

Stabiles, First Clone (1978), for 10 Instruments. complete

Stabiles (1976), Iris Gerber, pianist on Live at Alte Schmeide Wien 2, Edition bianchi-neri CD #16.

LOGOS I (1974), 4-channel dyadic brain-wave music. complete
EGERYA (1972), computer-synthesized realization of a Rya rug pattern. EGERYA score (rya rug) score & excerpt

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