Selected Writings on DNA Music
Peter Gena

Musical Synthesis of DNA Sequences (with Charles Strom, M.D, Ph.D.), a paper and presentation given at Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art '95, Montréal, published in the proceedings, pp. 83-85.

Musical Synthesis of DNA Sequences [PDF, 12K], (with Charles Strom, M.D., Ph.D.).  XI Colloquio di Informatica Musicale, Univeristà di Bologna, 1995: 203-204. Presented at the University of Bologna, November, 1995.

A Physiological approach to DNA Music (excerpt, with Charles Strom, M.D, Ph.D.). YLEM (Sept/Oct. ‘99): 3-5. Notes on the early work based on human proteins and enzymes (red blood cells, liver proteins, elastin, etc.) and viruses (HIV, polio, measles, rubella, common colds, botulism, etc.), and works with instruments are described here.

Didactic for Him, Himself and He: Defining Masculinity, a recent installation commissioned for From Steel to Flesh, an exhibit held from February 5 to March 2, 2001 on the occasion of the first Miss USA Pageant, under the auspices of the Trump Casino in Gary, Indiana.

A Physiological Approach to DNA Music [PDF, 340K], (with Charles Strom, M.D., Ph.D.). The latest paper given at CADE 2001, Glasgow, and at the Art and Science Global Symposium, Tsinghua University, Beijing, is published in: Shaw, Robin and John McKay, eds. The Proceedings of CADE 2001: the 4th Computers in Art and Design Education Conference, Glasgow: Glasgow School of Art Press, 2001: 129-134.

Apropos Sonification: A Broad View of Data as Music and Sound.AI & Society. Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag GmbH (Vol. 27/2011)

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