Early Writings on Computer Music
Peter Gena

MUSICOL Manual, Version 1, (MUSical Instruction Composition Oriented Language) for the
6400 Digital Computer,
1973. Technical Report No. 7, SUNY at Buffalo. MT41.G35M8

PDFs: MUSICOL Manual (1.3MB); Appendices (1.9MB)

Programming Balbastre's Romance. The Musical Box Society International, Vol. XX, No. 5 (Summer, 1974).

Closed Subroutines for Music Composition (Eleven Subroutines by Lejaren Hiller and Peter
Gena, Programmed in Fortran 4),
1975. Technical Report No. 9, SUNY at Buffalo. MT41.G35

MUSICOL: Musical Instruction Composition-Oriented Language. Computing in the Humanities, J.S. North (ed.). Waterloo, Ontario: University of Waterloo Press, 1977. Glasgow: University of Glasgow Press, 1977.

In Divisions, A Journal for the Art and Practice of Early Music, March 1979: A description of the computer synthesis of the Balbastre Romance, and an enclosed record disk.

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