Miscellaneous Short Writings, etc.
Peter Gena

Foreword, written in the catalog for Mayor Byrne’s New Music America ’82, July 5-11, 1982, Chicago.

Attitudes Towards the Arts: Predispositions of the Media, Education and Government. A speech delivered to a lay audience on May 20, 1989 at the First Annual Education Symposium of the Thomas Leonidas Godfrey Memorial Foundation. The National College of Education, Evanston, IL. Thomas Leonidas Godfrey passed away during his first year in college. I was asked to address some of the attitudes and issues that might confront a creative person who might fall in the cracks of what is traditionally expected of someone in the arts.

Didactic for Built on Sound, an exhibit at the Betty Rymer Gallery, SAIC, April, 1990

Lejaren Hiller (1924-1994). Posted on Artswire, newmusicnet (February 4, 1994)

Fifty Years After:
Music of the European Reconstruction and the Euro-American Community.
An introduction written for the program of the first NEMO (New European Music Overseas) Concert series in Chicago, May 9 - 13, 1995. The NEMO Ensemble and soloists performed music of Cage, Boulez, Tom Johnson, Xenakis, Maderna, Berio, Zimmermann, Stockhausen, Tristan Murail, Don Pullen, Pierre Schaeffer, Edison Denisov, Babbitt, Dallapiccola, and Elodie Lauten. (1995)

Introduction of Philip Glass to the Class of 2000.
Given at the School of the Art Institute’s Commencement 2000 at the Chicago Theater, May 20, 2000. Glass was the commencement speaker and a recipient of an honorary doctorate.

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